Mongol Rally 2010

The Challenge

The Mongol Rally is 10,000 mile journey starting in London, UK and ending in Ulanbataar, Mongolia. Teams from all around the world gather for this once a year event to take on the challenge for charity, in the spirit of adventure.

By Ambulance?

Where did we go?

10,475 miles, 15 Countries, 2 Continents. The long road to Mongolia started at Goodwood race track in the UK and covered 15 countries. England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia

A Charitable Cause

The Mongol Rally isn't just about adventure. Each team is required to raise 1000 GBP for charity. The team decided to support Mecrycorp and MSF. Each team also donates their adventure hardened vehicle at the conclusion of the journey.

The Team

Stephen Jan

Judith del Cuadro-Zimmerman

Thomas Dorwart

Lillie Wilde

The Story