Timbuktu Challenge 2012

The Challenge

The Timbuktu Challenge is 3,000 mile journey that starts in London, UK and ends near Timbuktu, Mali. Teams from all around the world gather once a year to embark on this epic journey into Western Africa.

By Ambulance?

To Timbuktu

The route to Timbuktu takes the team through 7 countries and the Sahara Desert. The journey was estimated at 3 weeks, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the journey took 9 weeks.

Charitiable Initiative

For the timbuktu challenge, the team gathered donations and equipment for 2 Malian charities. In addition to our ambulance donation, we provided office supplies, and netbooks.

The Team

Stephen Jan

Dennis Liaw

Kunal Modi

Mike Reali

The Story