August 18, 2011

by Stephen Jan in New York, NY

How would you decide to join me on the Timbuktu Rally? How well would you need to know me and my team? How much time would you need to think about it? A 3 week journey in a moving tin can is no joke. Well apparently Mike, whom I met at the Adventurists event, needed only two cups of tea, three glasses of gin and tonic, and four at hours the bar to decide that driving through the Sahara Desert dodging the Taliban, evading buried land mines, and negotiating with corrupt cops would be a nice way to spend the winter holidays. He accepted my invitation to join me and my team on the Timbuktu Rally. We are now 4 strong.

Mike is an artist. On this team he’ll stick out like a sore thumb. He’ll be the only one who’ll think ”logs” are wooden, “tail” relates to animals, and that “root” is something underground. We don’t know much about Mike. But we’ve all agreed that the fact that he decided to join us makes him pretty much the bravest out of the bunch. We’re looking forward to being saved by him when the Taliban comes after us.

Onward to Timbuktu.