September 08, 2011

by Stephen Jan in New York, NY

So we officially bought the ambulance on Saturday, but never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that we would have plates by today, Wednesday. Honestly, words cannot describe my enthusiasm. With the daunting task of transferring an out of state title, applying for a New York License, and registering an ambulance, I was fully expecting something (if not everything) to go wrong. DMV’s are always point to fine print and telling me to go back and get more paperwork after hours and hours of pointless waiting on endless queues.

This time, the visit was uneventful: woke up at 8, 8:30 bagel and coffee, DMV by 9. 10 minutes on line A, 45 minutes on Line C, and 45 Minutes for booth 13 to call my number, out by 12, and back to work by 12:30. Hats off to the Geico it really does take 15 minutes to get insurance. They even email a pdf.

So there you have it folks. We’re inching our way toward Timbuktu.

Team Last Responders License plate