September 29, 2011

by Kunal Modi in New York, NY


Today, I officially kicked off my visa challenge. Travelling UK, France, Spain, Morocco, Senegal and Mali, I am the only member on the team who needs visas for all the countries I mentioned. Biometrics for UK visa was done today and I will soon mail my documents to the British Consulate in New York City for visa approval. I expect to hear from them within 2 weeks after they receive the documents.

Visa applications themselves are fun to answer. Questions like “Where will you stay?”, “How long will you stay?” have conditional answers in my case. We’ll be staying in the ambulance all along. Staying in hotels defeats the purpose of the charity rally. If all goes well we’ll take the pre estimated time to travel through a country. But what if there is a delay. We get lost, our vehicle breaks down. We might to spend more time in that country. Hope the officials evaluate my application keeping in mind the objective of the trip. Fingers crossed.

Nonetheless and fortunately for me, I will have many more stories to tell. Stay tuned. Onward to Timbuktu.