December 13, 2011

by Dennis Liaw in Liverpool, England

I don’t even know where to begin. I am the first Last Responder to arrive on the scene here in London. After an eventful couple of days saying my goodbyes to everyone, I couldn’t manage to get any sleep the night before my flight to London. This was fine though as I ended up going on a late night diner run and ended up sleeping most of the flight. The packing could have been smoother, I had a really hard time trying to get my overweight duffle bag around. I was also having trouble even navigating around to the train station. There were two different systems, but thankfully I met someone who knew the way and happened to be traveling onto the same route. He was even going the same way so I had someone to guide me through this step of the adventure. I almost felt at home taking the subway, talking about the similarities between home and this new city I was in. James if you’re reading this, thank you for saving my ass.

Timbuktu Challenge Benefit Show

The hostel was a straight shot from the train station, so checking in to the hostel was pretty easy. In my room there are 8 beds, and a few travelers who I had some interesting short conversations with, however it was already kind of late, so we weren’t talking that long. I managed to get lost as I was snapping some photos but that didn’t last long since it was raining and not much of what I was wearing was waterproof so I didn’t stray too far. I can’t wait to check out the city in the daytime.

By the way, I forgot my Malaria pills, can anyone bring them for me? :P

Timbuktu Challenge Benefit Show