December 16, 2011

by Stephen Jan in Dover, England

Ah on the road again. I had forgotten how hard it is to do simple day to day stuff. Even in London, a city that does not exactly withhold modern conveniences, 5 hours to find UPS, we were clueless about finding Wi-Fi, and we can forget about eating 3 square meals a day. I have yet to take a show, brush my teeth, change my clothes since December 14th. I’m sure I smell like a bed of roses to everyone around me. 713 The ferry that takes cars across the English Channel was about the size of a cruise ship. Cars line up about half an hour before loading and slowly everyone get directed into the ship by waving seamen. While the bottom of the ship was essentially a giant parking lot, the upper decks of the ship included  Shipping area, cafes and duty free shops, 713