January 12, 2012

by Stephen Jan in Daklha, Morocco

As of 10AM this morning, UPS reported that our 20 lb shipment of car parts and pieces had arrived in Casablanca, Morocco. Getting a parcel from NJ to Casablanca in the span of 2 days is pretty impressive. I must extend a “Thank You” to  “American Consumerism” for demanding mail system that can route packages between airports efficiently and reliably. But here this is where the finger crossing begins. UPS’s reliable service only extends so far as Casablanca. After that, we’re at the mercy of the notoriously unreliable Moroccan Post.  Colin said that if we’re lucky, the parcel gets on a plane, arrives in Dakhla airport, and falls on our lap. The other route is for the package to be thrown onto a passenger bus bound for Dakhla, and that’s a 2 day drive. UPS expects that our package should arrive by Monday. Hopefully we’ll get it sooner. NewYears

I’ve been told by some that Moroccans consider themselves European. On the other hand I recall meeting Moroccans in Rabat who had classed themselves as African. It’s a bit confusing to me and really, and it’s not my business to judge the Moroccan inferiority complex to Europe and superiority complex over Africa. But so long as Morocco can’t get me my package in a timely fashion, I’ll have to consider this place pretty backwater.