January 30, 2012

by Stephen Jan in Daklha, Morocco


Day 31 in Dakhla.

Never did I imagine that I would be here this long be here I have been. Seems like things here just tend to drag on and on and on. The UPS package arrived last week Thursday. It still amazes me that it took about 36 hours for the package to cross the Atlantic and reach Casablanca, but 2 weeks to come down to Dakhla. I cant imagine any global company with efficiency in mind getting very far here in Morocco.

Anyway, we dropped off the car with Hassan Friday morning. He installed the oil filter, cleaned out the gear box and changed the fluid. As of yesterday, Saturday the transmission problem persisted. Oh well. So tomorrow, Hassan’s going to open up the transmission box and take a look at the problem in more depth, but things are looking pretty dim for our ambulance.