July 18, 2013

by Stephen Jan in New York, NY

If i have one piece of advice for a returning adventurer, it would be to give yourself some time to reflect on the journey from the comfort of your own couch without the burden of work. Do this before life drags you back into your old routine. Your journey deserves that much. Spill it out on paper, edit a video, or blog the crap out of it. Why? because you’ll forget. The day before i returned home from Mali, my mind was brimming with ideas and next-rally plans. Instead of making anything of it, the routine of work life took over and I found myself unintentionally in the same place i where started. Day after day, the adventurer mentality was placed on hold until it was pushed so far back in the mind, that all that bright inspiration faded and dimmed.

It’s been nearly two years since my last adventure. Nearly every day I think about traveling the open road, meeting new inspiring people, and learning a little bit more about far away places. I had been toying with the idea of a South American journey and the time has come to make it happen. This year, i am going to South America. Once again, i anticipate a great story to unfold and many challenges to face. This one won’t be easy as we aren’t flying under the banner of an event organizer like the Adventurists, or the Dakar Challenge people.

In typical Last Responders fashion, a loose team, no plan and no vehicle. Wish us luck. T-minus 5 months.

The Next Generation of Last Responders planning the journey