December 15, 2013

by Cathy Liu in New York, NY

7 days before launching, I’m asking myself what I would be missing from New York. My bed came to mind first. In 2008, I had been a traveling consultant for almost a year, I saved a bunch of money by subletting my apartment and not paying for food, I slept in my own bed for less than a fortnight in all the months traveled. Honestly, I prefer my own firm mattress and silk bedding better than 4 or 5 star hotels.

Friends and family are gonna be missed.

Food? Maybe not so much… New York City offers the largest number of varieties in America, but everything is Americanized. In my opinion, if Chinese food rates 100% in China, the best Chinese food in New York rates about 75%; Italian food in New York is at 70% when compared to food made Italy. I don’t know how much good food we’ll be able to find and afford on the road, but I’m looking forward to authentic Latin food.

Instant data connectivity would be lost on the road. I’ve been playing an online game on my cellphone almost every waking hour of everyday during the past 6 months, sigh…

What other luxuries would I miss in New York? Walking distance to everything I need has always been a huge plus. Having supreme dragon-well tea in my favorite cup in the perfect water temperature wouldn’t be possible anymore. The funny thing is, I would miss my tea, but I wouldn’t miss my single molt scotch, I’m looking forward to rum already. Well, forget about the tea, having time to myself seems very unlikely on the road, humm… maybe that’s what I’ll be missing the most.