May 17, 2014

by Cathy Liu in

1. We were all rushed onto the plane in Lima, and I had to use the bathroom before the plane took off. I was so very happy that the toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet.

2. By the time we landed in Florida, everybody spoke English, I understood every word of every conversation, all the signs were familiar too.

3. It took about 3 minutes to re-connect my cellphone. I got my unlimited LTE network back while waiting for my connecting flight.

4. When I finally arrived in Baltimore and met my mom at the baggage claim, my first word was, “mama.” My mom said, “Oh, you didn’t lose any weight.”

5. I slept on my full size bed with soft clean sheets I chose and purchased to my liking. I have my own bed, my own bedroom, my own bathroom, my own study, no need to share anymore.

6. I showered as long as I wanted, applied conditioner on my hair and even had a facial mask. The next day, I showered twice, in fact, I can shower as many times as I want.

7. I have plenty of clean clothes.

8. 回家后第一顿饭吃的是凉瓜,皮蛋拌豆腐等清爽的小菜。吃饭的时候,面上无事,心里很感慨呀。然后第二天买了一条活鱼回来,总算吃到了真正的新鲜鱼。

9. We’ll get to see all of you who supported us. Thank you for everything.