March 30, 2010

by Stephen Jan in New York

Well, we’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front but be assured that we are working tirelessly to make this happen. We’re about 60% of the way to our MercyCorps fund raising target!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that we narrowed our search down to “Used Ambulance”. Since then, I’ve been researching and interviewing knowledgeable people about selecting this “Used Ambulance”. According to my expert, uptown, source at Bronx Community, diesel is preferable over petrol when driving through the scorching summer heat.That being the case, we’ve narrowed down our vehicle choices to four candidates that are within our budget. In the spirit of the Magical Mystery Tour, I’ve dubbed each vehicle a Beatles nickname.

Ambulance 1 The Lennon
Model VW T4
Year 1995
Current Location Berlin, Germany


Ambulance 2 The McCartney
Model VW T4
Year 1992
Current Location Berlin, Germany


Ambulance 3 The Ringo
Model VW T4
Year 1992
Current Location Hamburg, Germany


Ambulance 4 The Harrison
Model Mercedes Benz MB100
Year 1990
Current Location Koln, Germany