July 25, 2010

by Stephen Jan in Berlin, Germany

I got to Berlin safely. But in hustle and bustle of scrambling around Berlin, I managed to lose my backpack in transit. In the bag was all my prepared spending money, international driving license, laptop, gps tracker, portable hard drive, and all documentation. We searched for the bag through the night but no avail. Heart broken and distraught, Lillie and I had to abandon the bag and head off to London, 11 hours away to pickup Judy at gatwick already hours behind schedule.

Team mmt managed to cross the Chunnel without a hitch.  Once we reached the other side, we immediately noticed the difference - English is British English, cars pass on the right, and fish and chips shops were everywhere. We arrived at gatwick 12 hours behind schedule but successfully picked up first mate Judy.

Team mmt is 75% strong

That all being said, this essentially means our ability to cover and report the rally will be limited. However, we are still determined to reach Mongolia!

I am making this post from a french mcdonalds generously providing free wifi, eating our meal of the day after having been turned away from the only open french restaurant we found. We’ll be picking up tom tomorrow from paris and hustling to checkout in Prague. We’ll post more about the launch later.