August 03, 2010

by Stephen Jan in Athens, Greece

Reunited we took off from our shared hotel and our friends and began the drive back up the Greece coast. The truckers were back on the roads and stores were once again stocked. After hours of driving, we stopped for dinner in a small coastal town with a sign that said “award-winning beach.” The town was called asprovolta. It looked like it could have been cape hatteras or cape cod just without the mini-golf courses. There were beachside cafes with umbrellas, sand volleyball courts, and lawnchairs. Team mmt sat down at a friendly looking spot and ordered some octopus, salad, and scampi. The sun started setting over the mountains and the octopus tasted like a tender steak. The water was cool and refreshing. We were tired, dirty, and sweaty but it was good to take a brief break from the road and enjoy the Greek coast. As we left town we flashed our blue ambulance lights and waved to the on-lookers.