July 12, 2011

by Stephen Jan in New York, NY

Ever since returning from Mongolia, i’ve been searching. I’ve been searching for a reason to not take another cross continental ridiculous road trip. I’ve been looking pretty hard. Top on the list of most people is that “job” thing. Okay people, yes jobs are important and we do need to earn a living somehow. But jobs and adventures are not mutually exclusive. So to put my money where my mouth is, I went ahead and got myself a full time job last fall, sought out the boss 2 months ago, and asked him:

Me: So boss, i got a question for ya

Boss: Okay shoot

Me: I want to take some time off, you know use my vacation days.

Boss: Yeah? okay no problem. When you thinking?

Me: This December

Boss: December? Wow that’s about 7 months away. This is early notice!

Me: Yeah well…you know how we get 3 weeks?

Boss: Yeah?

Me: I want to take all of it once.

Boss: Woah! Well okay I guess that should be fine. They’re your vacation days after all. Where you headed?

Me: Well I’m planning to drive a car from London to Timbuktu

There you have it. Onward to Timbuktu.