December 16, 2011

by Kunal Modi in Chunnel, England

713 It is 9:54pm. I am sitting in the coffee area on Deck 8 of a gigantic ferry charging my phone using a European power converter. I drove the ambulance into the ferry with 100s of other cars and trucks at Dover to cross the English Channel into France. It is really gigantic.  Lots of European kids (they are definitely not speaking English) around. They are making enough noise to suppress the sound of the waves lashing onto the ferry. This beautifully lit up ferry very well contrasts the darkness of the sea around it. Never have I crossed countries through waterways. The closest encounters have been is Jersey city - Liberty Island ferry and Gateway of India - Elephanta / Alibag ferries.
713 As we touch the port on the other side, we plan to drive down to Paris. Stay tuned. Onward to Timbuktu.

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