February 27, 2012

by Kunal Modi in New York, NY

What I experienced in my few weeks of journey was a pure lust of travelling. I never knew where my next meal was coming from or what it was. I do not remember having more than one meal a day. Showers were every 8-9 days. My sleeping bag was my bed and the ambulance my home. The route to the next destination was always unknown and so was the time of arrival. Modern day comforts were rare.

Toilets were the gas stations.


Water was always scarce. Food choices were limited. A 65 litre backpack was enough for my travel. We planned our own route. Cleanliness was relative. I stunk only if others did not. Natural spring water off the ground was source of showers.

A fresh water well. We got showers here just as a tanker was rolling in for a fill up

Beaches were places where you could naturally pick oysters and muscles to feed yourself.

Oysters off the Beach

No one spoke the same language as you did. I was always developing a new way to express and communicate.

Oysters off the Beach

Only when you travel you realize that there are uncountable stars and they appear every night.

Stars in Western Sahara

When you travel you enjoy the one meal of the day you cooked for yourself.


When you travel, you realize the joy of finding a place after being lost for hours.


If you travel, you could meet different people and experience different cultures.


They recognize you by your country. When you travel you have the opportunity to represent your country. You are watched, observed and perceived by your actions. You are now the ambassador of your country.


You have the opportunity to communicate and explain what your country stands for. Because for them, you are the country. The impression you leave with them becomes the impression of your country. No newspaper or news channel can change that.


Only when you travel, you are reinforced the value of money. Earning money is important, but valuing what you earn is even more important.


When you travel alone, you realize how valuable are the important people in your life. It could be your parents, sibling and friends who have accompanied you throughout. Travelling opens doors for new thoughts, accept people, respect their opinions, experience local customs.


Only when you travel, you understand the joy of giving and giving up.


When you travel, you feel the world is much much bigger than you think.

sand dune

Only when you travel…

  • Kunal

Photographs - Team Last Responders