February 18, 2014

by Stephen Jan in Calle Pacifica, El Salvador

Time: 57 Days Distance: 6,906 miles Odometer: 313,193 miles


The Green Turtle is the sort of place you can tell your friends you’ve been. The front is decorated with a giant El Salvador flag in a grove of mango, coconut, and tamarind trees. 100 meters past the front gate, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a beach almost all to yourself. The hotel is a bit out of the way but according to owner Tom, they are listed as the top hotel to stay in the entire country by Lonely Planet. The beach is pleasant, and the atmosphere is nice. At 10 dollars a person you can’t complain too much. The place seems to welcome a steady stream of surfers, backpackers, and adventures headed to patagonia.

Had I not paid 6 dollars for a hotel the night before I probably would have considered this place an awesome deal. That coupled with the fact that I discovered the going rate for a pupusa was 25 cents made raise half an eyebrow to their 15 dollar entrees. I guess for tourist food 15 dollars isn’t bad, but i’d much rather pay 25 cents for a pupusa.