April 14, 2014

by Cathy Liu in

Three out of seven members of Team Last Responders remained together after Trujillo, Peru Ken left months ago in Mexico City; in Trujillo, Stephen Alexis went on his speed travel to Patagonia, Mike and Paul retuned home, with no answers on how Vive Peru would receive the donation of the vehicles, Martha, Steve, and Cathy continued to travel to Bolivia We plan to visit Esperanca in Bolivia while Vive Peru sorts out the donation process. As the team headed out of Trujillo, Martha wanted to put the extra Jeep keys on her keychain, forgetting that we left the Jeep behind; when entering a crowded city, Cathy looked into the side mirror of the ambulance to see whether the Jeep was following, also forgetting the Jeep was no longer there; Steve, well, Steve has been focusing on an iPhone game and has not yet had the leisure to express his emotions.

Woman and Her Camera


Description – This woman works diligently around the clock to produce content for the team She spends hours everyday taking pictures, selecting pictures, and editing videos Since Mike’s departure, this poor woman’s work increased tremendously, she had to climb up a tower to take photos with 2 film cameras and 3 digital cameras while her teammates sat around and poked each other in boredom Without her, the South America journey would be unimaginable if not impossible.

Man and His Ambulance man_ambulance_edited

Description – This man is known to go on rallies delivering ambulances to charities around the world He enjoys challenges and loves to tell rally stories His daily tasks are: setting goals for the team, driving, writing emails and blog posts, and tolerating Cathy’s endless nagging. While most of his teammates regard him as a good leader, it should also be known that on the rally, he rarely showers, never washes his clothes, and has very stinky feet.

Witch Calling to the Sea witch_sea

Description – [in all fairness] Intentionally Left Blank