April 21, 2014

by Cathy Liu in

On our way to La Paz, Bolivia, my typical day starts with waking up in the ambulance in a gas station, getting out of the sleeping bag, brushing my teeth, make some oatmeal if an electrical outlet was available for our water boiler, decide on plans for the day with everybody, and then we begin to drive.  The driver always has a navigator in the front, so one person would be left in body of the ambulance.  If I’m not the one driving, I usually become bored easily.  Data connectivity becomes rare on our smartphones while we drive through the deserts/mountains.  We have a couple of novels, but it’s difficult to read while the vehicle is in motion.  Sometimes, I sleep in the back, sometimes, I play games on my phone, but more often than not, I would be bored.  Fortunately, once a while, we stop on the side of the road to take pictures, and Steve would entertain us.